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Re: [californiadisasters] Re: [airtankers] Re: Bluecut Incident - San Bernardino NF - Cajon Pass

Trust me in this... There is ALWAYS worse. 

30,000 acres, 0% containment and unknown structures lost (a LOT). 


Tiny iPhone keypad, spell check happens

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GONNA be?  Already IS.  Just a matter of degree now. :(

Feel so sorry for the folks in the way.


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* The entire community of Wrightwood
* Lone Pine Canyon

* Swarthout Canyon
* West Cajon Valley
* Lytle Creek Canyon
* West Oak Hills
* Phelan
* Baldy Mesa, both north and south of Phelan Road
* All of Summit Valley to 173
* Areas north of 138
* Interstate 15 east to Summit Valley Road
* Interstate 15 east to Highway 173 and Highway 138 interchange in Summit Valley
* Everything south of Ranchero

* Areas west of Summit Valley Road
* Areas east of Sheep Creek
* Areas south of Phelan Road
* Areas west of Caliente Street
* Neighborhoods bounded by Bear Valley Road on the north, Highway 395 on the east and Caughlin Road on the west

Small animals may also be taken to the Devore Animal Shelter at 19777 Shelter Way in San Bernardino, Large animals to the Fairgrounds.

Apple Valley Animal Shelter (large and small animals)
22131 Powhatan Road
Apple Valley, CA 92308

San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
14800 7th Street
Victorville, CA 92395

Devore Animal Shelter (small animals)
19777 Shelter Valley
San Bernardino, CA

Victorville Fair Grounds (large animals)
14800 7th Ave.
Victorville, CA

82,696 (potentially) evacuated, over 36,000 homes.  Some are (of course) refusing to leave.  Summit Inn, destroyed (and more of course).

This one... gonna be bad... real bad.

On 8/16/2016 10:32 PM, Kim Noyes [californiadisasters] wrote:
Just updated to 18,000 acres, 0% containment, over 80,000 people evacuated, homes in Phelan, Hesperia, and Cajon Pass area burned, Wrightwood under the gun with mandatory evacuations in place and fire moving from BDF and BDU into within a mile of ANF.

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This is truly a bad one, fast moving and burning everything in its path.  Fire started just after 1030 local (8-16) in the Cajon Pass area near Kentwood Avenue.  It first looked crews would pick this up early as they even canceled the tankers responding to the fire.
Not even 30 minutes later the fire had jumped containment and was off and running in a West,North and Northwest directions.  The fire has forced the evacuation of 82,000 people and threatens some 32,000 homes.  Wrightwood was evacuated West of I-15 and West of 395.  
The fires rapid rate of spread had it covering eight(8) miles in six(6) hours of time and was reported burning through heavy brush and Chaparral as if it was burning through dry grass.  All structures on Swarthout Canyon Road and Lone Pine Road were reported destroyed.  Lytle Canyon to the West has also been evacuated.  The rapid spread rate of the fire created a six mile fire front at one time and forced the closure of the primary rail artery into the L.A. basin, BNSF reported that the speed of the fire forced the crew of a BNSF doublestack train to abandon the train and head for safety (not know if the train burned as fire crews were concerned of the contents in the containers).
AT 1345 local the fire jumped highway 138 and began burning towards Mormon Rock, the popular Summit Inn was also reported destroyed around this time as the fire continued to run North.
At 1410 local a spot fire was reported on the East side of Interstate 15 which quickly spread pushed by strong winds. The fire would jump the railroad tracks and highway 138 again around 1554 local and pushed by winds was heading for Cajon Summit,  12 homes have been reported lost,many of those are in the Phelan area. Highway 138 and Interstate 15 have been closed all night.   The Chevron station at the junction has also been reported destroyed.
Tankers have had a very rough time as the fire burned through retardant lines throughout the day.  Tankers did have some success as they helped keep the fire away from the Lytle Canyon area.   Dozer lines have also been easily over run by the fire.   There were eight(8) Tankers reported working the fire.  I confirmed #01,#131,#910 and #911.  S2-T's #72 and #73 confirmed. I am sure more Tankers will be in the mix tomorrow.   Tankers also were dealing with very windy conditions which pushed retardant drops into the black many times today.   Fire has destroyed 15,000 acres with no containment, winds are expected to blow between 15-30 mph throughout the night.



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