Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (May 29)

2009: Strong thunderstorms produced a microburst or gustnado in Hesperia.
The winds damaged four horse shelter roofs in Hesperia.
One roof was completely removed from the shelter.
Winds also knocked over power lines in Hesperia and Victorville.
Lightning from thunderstorms also began a small brush fire near Yucca Valley.

2003: It was 115° F in Borrego Springs and 108° F in Victorville, each the highest temperature on record for May.

2003: Las Vegas, NV, recorded a morning low of 89° F.
This was the warmest low ever recorded in May.

1994: Thunderstorms in Yucca Valley and Desert Hot Springs produced severe winds that ripped off roofs and downed powerlines and trees.
Three people were injured when a small shed landed on them after it was lifted by the winds.

1988: A wind gust to 95 mph was recorded at the Mojave airport.

1988: Gale force winds caused stormy seas.
Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island was closed after several boats were driven ashore (smashed against the rocks) or scattered.
One boater was presumed dead. In Mission Bay one was injured when a catamaran was capsized.
Piers were closed and surf claimed part of a restaurant in Redondo Beach.
Boats were capsized around San Pedro.
Two boaters died.

1984: It was 108° F in Riverside and 93° F in Idyllwild, each the highest temperature on record for May.
In Idyllwild this also occurred on 5.31.2001.

1984: A thunderstorm caused a variety of damage in the Fresno area: winds destroyed a shelter killing a number of turkeys and damaged roofs on some homes near Easton; near Clovis lightning started a fire in an orchid.

1950: Santa Rosa had a high temperature of 104° F.

1896: Cedarville (Surprise Valley, Modoc Co.) recorded 1.58" of precipitation, its second largest one-day total for May.

NOTE: No precip has ever been recorded on this date in Yuma, AZ.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego


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