Thursday, March 22, 2012

Re: [Geology2] Re: Early Quake Detection Helps in Mexico

I appreciate it. Allison

From: Rick Bates <>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 6:40 PM
Subject: RE: [Geology2] Re: Early Quake Detection Helps in Mexico

If you're downtown, you're (my opinion) pretty well screwed.  Even if you do survive, it will be hours before you can get help or get away.  If injured, your odds of living are diminished (there isn't enough help, fast enough, to get to everyone in real time).
What type of construction?  Balloon construction (Victorian and many older homes) or platform construction (layer built on layer, much stronger)?  If you decide to bail out, be at least twice the height of any building away from it.  That might mean the middle of the street (figure 12' per story, 15-20' per story for commercial buildings).  Stay away from trees (falling branches), wires and other hazards.
How new is the construction?  If new, it might survive (although Chile in 2010 disproves that).  There is a huge number of variables to consider (BEFORE the event, der).
Learn the exits, the power, gas and water shutoffs (if it's your building) and USE THEM (shut them off) before considering re-entry (even for rescue, they'll bring their own light/power sources).
This isn't the correct group to get into such details, but that's a very small thumbnail for you.
From: Allison Loukanis

Is a 30 second warning enough time to get away from downtown buildings? OR let's say I am in my neighborhood. It is a pretty much a neighborhood of two story houses which are all fairly uniform. There is no big open park or anything close like that, not within the thirty second time frame. What do I do then? I thought stop drop and roll was for fire. Allison


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