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[californiadisasters] Cal Disasters Update [Was Indo Quake & Tsunami Sit-Rep #6]

No, Facebook is not where most of the disaster action coverage is although there is much more there than here on Yahell Groups which like an old abandoned run-down building in the ether of the Internet.

Twitter is the one true god of disaster coverage social networks. Those of you who are not there yet are missing out more than I can describe in words. Yahell Groups jumped the shark many years ago.

I held out long and hard here well after World Earthquakes, Tsunami Warning, Geology2, Californias Earthquake Forum, California Online Scanning, SoCalFire, NorCalFire, CenCalFire, ScanningNorCal, CenCalScan, SoCalScan, and Flamescan a.k.a. BayScan went the way of all flesh. They were all great groups in their heyday just like this one, but are all shadows of their former selves.

Now this group is at about the same posting level as the most of any of those listed still are. I've been thinking about bumping my activity level back up here a bit though such as resuming On This Date In California WX History.

However, this platform is now so primitive and clunky that it is not very satisfying. I must copy and paste or actually type out every damned thing that gets posted here which when the shit is hitting the fan is tedious and time-consuming.

On Facebook, URLs can be copied and pasted and boom, there's a thumbnail/preview and you post it... it might be an article or a live streaming video feed of a fire or online scanner feed.

On the Twitter end it is limited to 280 figures per tweet which forces a nice brevity and economy of words. Thumbnails and previews and GIF's and Youtube vids are in abundance on Twitter. One need only hit the TWEET button as opposed to having to type out content here or copy and paste from some other place. Twitter is fast and efficient. The entire public safety and emergency management and media and scientific research and government sectors are there and none of them are here on Yahell Groups anymore. It's time to move on, gang. This place was once cutting-edge and special, but that was 10-15-20 years ago. The world is constantly changing.

I took the crabby and stubborn approach for years here, too, scorning Twitter until former moderator Gene Salvetti before he left here for the Twitterverse much like the elves in LOTR leaving Middle Earth for out West across the sea in Valinor, kindly but pointedly pointed out about Twitter what I'm telling you once again here.

Our California Disasters family on Twitter is nearly 2,600 people. On Facebook we are at 751 members, but they are more active than all the active people left here and a different mix of California Disaster peeps than anywhere else. Yet still another third contingent of California Disasters people with little if any crossover to the other California Disasters contingents are the 544 members of the Reddit formulation of California Disasters. That's nearly 4,000 members of the California Disasters family compared to a couple of dozen hold-outs left here on Yahell Groups.

Please join us where it is now all happening in disaster coverage. The Thomas Fire coverage last November-December on Twitter was nothing short of amazing. VCScanner on Twitter shot to over 26,000 followers from almost nothing just as a result of his Thomas Fire coverage. The Ventura County Star even wrote an article about he and his Thomas Fire coverage. CA Fire Scanner with nearly 17,000 followers is the best anywhere in California anytime ever all by himself. He is like SoCalFire, SoCalScan, CenCalFire, CenCalScan, ScanningNorCal, NorCalFire, BayScan, CaliforniaOnlineScanning, et al, all combined into one single Twitter account you should all follow. Neither of those accounts acts like the moody and infantile ham radio and scanner nerdling cucks which seem to populate SoCalScan and BayScan.

I really care about all of you here as you have been with me from the beginning. However, the world has passed this place by, in part because other platforms learned to do things in better ways and partly due to this platform getting lazy and stupid. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We can't grow if we stay stuck in old ways of thinking and doing things. Please join me across the Sea to the West in Valinor of disaster coverage.

If any stragglers here want to take the brave step of stepping out of their comfort zone and allowing themselves to be stretched and grow a little as I did they are welcome to contact me. I will gladly walk them through getting set up on Twitter via a phone call or email or FB Messenger conversation.


Your California Disasters Gruppen Oberfuhrer

On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 12:07 AM Dan Shapiro dnalaw@sbcglobal.net [californiadisasters] <californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

I'm here as well.
Dan Shapiro
Pedley CA

On 10/15/2018 9:28 PM, 'jim rawls' jazzpiano@ca.rr.com
[californiadisasters] wrote:
> I'm here. And so there must be others. I'm not the only one not on
> face book, right? Smile. Jim
> *From:*californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com
> [mailto:californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com]
> *Sent:* Monday, October 15, 2018 8:02 PM
> *To:* californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com
> *Subject:* Re: [californiadisasters] Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
> Situation Report #6
> Sad I miss them!!
> --------------------------------------------
> On Mon, 10/15/18, Pamela Alley rnrq@att.net [californiadisasters]
> <californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
> Subject: Re: [californiadisasters] Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
> Situation Report #6
> To: "californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com"
> <californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com>
> Date: Monday, October 15, 2018, 7:00 PM

> They all
> seem to have migrated to Facebook...or
> Twitter.:(
> From:
> "Marilyn Sass paws_sassy@yahoo.com
> [californiadisasters]"
> <californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com>
> To:
> californiadisasters@yahoogroups.com
> Sent: Monday,
> October 15, 2018 6:54 PM
> Subject: Re:
> [californiadisasters] Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
> Situation Report #6

> Thank
> you Steve for your posts where are the others that were
> here?
> Marilyn



Posted by: Kim Noyes <kimnoyes@gmail.com>

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