Tuesday, October 30, 2018

[californiadisasters] Lin Kerns amazes us all again

It's that time of year again and we tip our hats to Lin Kerns who once again has survived yet another lap around the sun, to the surprise and awe of everyone again.  It is said that she was there at the actual birth of the sun and seeks the bones of dinosaurs because she knew them as pets.  She even had a hand in watching the rocks form...

No the actual day isn't until next week but that gives us a margin of time to make sure that she knows we're aware of her highly advanced age and in awe of that; so sooner is better than later in her case.  Let's all wish her well.

Yup, she's still older than me and I won't let her forget that either.

I've moved out of CA and am safely out of her striking range (her being in Tenn-ass-sayee while I'm in North Idaho now).  She may grumble and grouse (expected at her age) about messages like this, but in her heart she loves it.

An early Happy Birthday Lin (next week)...  :-D 


Spiel Czech happens


Posted by: "Rick Bates (WA6NHC)" <wa6nhc@gmail.com>

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