Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (June 12)

1979: Five consecutive days of high temperatures at 90° F or higher at San Diego started on 6.9 and ended on 6.13, peaking with 101° F on 6.10.
Minimum temperatures were between 69° F and 72° F.
It was 110° F in Riverside on this day and on 6.11.

1918: It was 114° F in Victorville, the highest temperature on record for June and the second highest temperature on record (highest 116° F on 7.10.2002).
This day was followed by the warmest night on record with a low of 88° F on 6.13.

Bakersfield's coldest reading ever in June first recorded, 38° F.
This record was also tied on June 2, 1908 and on June 7, 1914.
This is also the latest in the season it has dropped into the 30's on record in Bakersfield.

1904: San Jose had a high temperature of 99
° F, just a day after a high of 98° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford & San Diego



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