Sunday, June 22, 2014

Re: [californiadisasters] Congress urged to fund earthquake early warning system

It was spelled correctly so it passes the computer test... but for a public (or is the word pubic?) forum, we should expect better.  Laugh, move on...

Once I saw an article about a lawsUit, that said the s#it was filed... in a real newspaper...  I was ten, it was funny then.

There, they're, their...

Rick, WA6NHC

iPad = small keypad = typos = sorry ;-)

On Jun 22, 2014, at 9:02 PM, "Lin Kerns [californiadisasters]" <> wrote:


I think it was just a typo, as the author did spell "sensors" correctly later in the article. However, there is no excuse these days for misspelling a word, what with the availability of Word Correct.



Posted by: "Rick Bates, WA6NHC" <>

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