Saturday, September 27, 2014

Re: [Geology2] Powerful Earthquake Rattles Large Swath of Alaska

I was in Taekeenta, Alaska just east of the Epicenter about 30-40 miles...but 5 days prior.  If I was going to get to be in a 6+ quake that would be the one to have been in.  There are maybe 6 double-story buildings in the whole valley!  I did see some really tossed store shelves and toppled bookcase but the article didn't mention where it was.  I hope to see some before and after Google Earth photos as I am sure there were massive talus/debris slides all along the range.

On another note the strongest solar storm in 30 years hit while I was there and while folks were taking gorgeous photos in Maine and West Virigina, we were clouded in and only saw the occasional flash of color through the clouds.




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