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Re: [californiadisasters] Will El Niño 2015 rival the strongest year on record?

Well, with the ongoing drought having hurt their business the past few years one can hardly blame them.

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Rightio.  I'm thinking in regards to skiing and what's being said about that down here. Sadly, the local ski resorts are using similar El Nino ads to promote the upcoming season.  

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More rain means more snowpack above the snowline and it is the NorCal snowpack that matters, not the SoCal one.

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And to confirm, El Ninos usually bring heavier Sierra snowpacks?   I know for SoCal, it's usually a smaller snowpack due to more rain and less snow.

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Weak to moderate El Niños more often than not do end up leaving California with below-average rainfall. Strong El Niños are another matter. Most of the time (but not all the time) they lead to very wet winter here.

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Want to get so excited about this, but we've been let down so many times before with fizzled El Ninos.   Has there been any studies or %'s showing the odds of another fizzle?        The anticipation is killing me!

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