Monday, September 28, 2015

[Volcano_Vista_HS] VVHS Parent Advisory-Thank you for your Homecoming Donations

THANK YOU from Parent Advisory to all the families who donated waters for Homecoming and to those who helped at the dance selling waters and running coat check.   Your response was very generous, and we far exceeded our donation goal.  Some families donated 4, 5, and even 9 cases!  We appreciate our amazing parents and VVHS community! 

Thanks to Debbie Cox, Rhonda Sandy, Janet Sanchez, Amy Hibben, Jacque Larsen, Brenda Granger, Lisa Arnhart, Erika Gonzales, Denise Winn, Beverley Schifani, Chris Bushman, Diane Jouppi, Matthew Atencio,  Rosie Pierce, Gina Mordecai (and daughter Brittney), Tammy Schaap and Shannon Steckbeck


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