Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Re: [californiadisasters] Yahoo Groups Used To Rock, But Now It Sucks

This Kimmer is the only Yahoo GROUP I have.  My Dad's Marine group has ton's of SPAM like "LET'S CONNECT WITH A BOTTY CALL!"
Sadly, I think the owner of the group has passed on, but you do run this group!

YES....Disturbed that there are SLEEPY POSTS, but can't we make BILL GATES PAY FOR THIS TURDY BIRDY?!?!?!
The automatic event feature of Yahoo Groups has failed once again as yesterday's 1992 Cape Mendocino Earthquake Anniversary Reminder failed to automatically post.... this has been happening a lot this year.... why does Yahoo even bother to offer a feature that it does not care about and seems to have abandoned? Ten years ago Yahoo Groups was awesome and much more user-friendly and the groups were much more lively..... I wonder how much longer this platform will last? Five years? Ten years?

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Posted by: Marilyn Sass <paws_sassy@yahoo.com>

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