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Well, yes, of course, doh... but from a scientific point of view those images bring a naturally occurring event into sharper focus.


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Sure.  But I was thinking more like ... depressing ... those poor people...

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Thanks for posting these images, Rick. They are astounding.


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From a ham radio list I subscribe to...  O_M_G doesn't cover this.



This from my son Forrest in San Jose, Costa Rico.  He is there on a US funded contract to help Costa Rico categorize their inventory of seismically hazardous buildings.  He is back from several years in New Zealand helping design and reconstruction in Christchurch.


Note he mentions some of the communication and pictures are from Hams down there in Ecuador.



Bob â€" W6OPO


Subject: Ecuador earthquake


Half of these photos sent to me by my USAID contact there and the others I got via an Amateur Radio Organization on the ground there. They are helping us get info about the damage!





Forrest Lanning





Posted by: Lin Kerns <linkerns@gmail.com>


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