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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (June 17)

2009: This day was the first day of a consecutive dry streak of 164 days in San Diego, which ended on 11.28.
This streak of 164 days is tied as the fourth longest dry streak on San Diego record.
This day also marks the latest start to any dry streak lasting longer than 135 days. (The longest dry streak on record is 182 days from 4.18.2004 to 10.16.2004).

Daggett (near Barstow) recorded a low temperature of 45 degrees which was the coldest reading in June.

1995: The latest measurable snow on record on Mt. Charleston (NW of Las Vegas, NV) with 1.5" at Lee Canyon and 0.5" at Kyle Canyon.
Thunder even accompanied the snow.

1993: The low temperature in Santa Rosa was a warm 78° F.

1975: Strong winds created a dust storm in the South Valley resulting in six major accidents on Highway 99 just south of Bakersfield.
There was one death in a 60 vehicle pile-up.

1944: It was 35° F in Victorville, the lowest temperature on record for June.

1859: It was 133° F in Santa Barbara from hot Sundowner winds.
This incredible (and disputed) record may be the highest coastal temperature ever recorded on the planet and is only three degrees off the world record 136° F recorded in Libya. Accuracy is discredited as the temperature sensor was in full sun.
The heat was reported to have roasted fruit on one side. So it was plenty hot, but probably not that hot.

Weather Anecdote: No precipitation has ever been recorded on this date in Yuma, AZ.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego



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