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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (June 10)

1999: Vallejo had a low temperature of 44° F.

Remnants of Hurricane Boris produced rain and thunderstorms across San Diego County starting on 6.9 and ending on this day.
1.41" fell at Mt. Laguna, 0.98" at Escondido (the greatest daily amount on record for June), 0.87" at Fallbrook. 0.37" fell at San Diego in 30 minutes.
0.49" fell in San Diego on this day, the wettest calendar day in June on record.

1979: Five consecutive days of high temperatures at 90° F or higher at San Diego started on 6.9 and ended on 6.13, peaking with 101° F on this day, which also is the highest temperature on record for June.
This was one of only two days in June that readings of 100° F or more have been reached (6.16.1981).
Minimum temperatures were between 69° F and 72° F.

1976: Hanford received 0.51" of rain, the second greatest amount to fall on a calendar day in June in the city.
Fresno measured 0.37" of rain, setting a daily precipitation record.

1976: It was 44° F in Palm Springs, the lowest temperature on record for June.

1964: It was 28° F at Palomar Mountain, the lowest temperature on record for June.
This also occurred on 6.1.1967.

Note: No precip has ever been recorded on this date in Yuma

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Phoenix, & San Diego



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