Monday, June 22, 2015

Re: [californiadisasters] Washington Fire (22 Jun 2015)

Air Tankers #: 10
Helicopters #: 8
Water Tenders #: 1

Dozers #: 0
Hand Crews #: 15
Engines #: 17
Command Staff #: 22
Total Personnel #: 500


On 6/22/2015 10:28 PM, Kim Noyes [californiadisasters] wrote:
Edited post from AirTankers Group on Yahoo:

Here is some updated info on the "Washington Fire".   Fire  was again pushed by strong erratic winds for most of the day on Monday (6-22). The fire seems to be moving Northeast and away from Markleeville but this could change at any time with the erratic winds.  Fire has now consumed 14,950 acres and still remains 0% contained.   Steep rugged inaccessible terrain continues to hamper containment efforts.  It is being reported that the last fire burned in this area in 1940 so fuels are heavy and very dry because of drought conditions.  Smoke from the fire has reduced visibility at times in Smith Valley to a 1/2 mile. Tankers did work the fire today but again got a late start.  The following Tankers have worked the fire:   #07 (reload Reno/Stead).  #809,#810,#866 (Reload Minden/Tahoe) #810 returns to Reno/Stead at nightfall, #809 may have been on day off today.  #161,#911,#912 Reload Castle. I believe this is the first time a VLAT has worked  a fire within the Sierra Front Dispatch geographical area.




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