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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (December 25)

2015: A cold front pressed south across southern Nevada bringing a band of showers with it.
As temperatures dropped with the front, rain mixed with or changed over to all snow in many locations.
Snow fell in much of the Las Vegas Valley, including at McCarran International Airport, with a light coating noted in the far northwest in Providence and in the south at Anthem.
In Anthem, snow was still on the ground after dawn. Snow also covered the ground in Sandy Valley and parts of Pahrump with around an inch falling near Indian Springs.
1" of snow was still on the ground at 7 AM at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and at the Corn Creek Visitor Center for the Desert National Wildlife Refuge marking the first ever White Christmas on record for these locations.
Snow was also observed mixed with rain in Overton and as much as a quarter of an inch accumulated on the west side of Valley of Fire State Park.

2008: Unusual Christmas weather in Las Vegas, NV.
Thunder was heard in the afternoon while rain fell, then later in the evening snow fell briefly but did not stick. The only other date thunder has been heard in Las Vegas on this date was in 2003.

Strong Santa Ana winds that struck the Inland Empire.
Gusts reached 85 mph at Fremont Canyon (>58 mph for nine consecutive hours) and 58 mph at Ontario.
Trees were downed, big rigs overturned, power outages resulted.

2003: Wet Christmas in the Valley with daily precipitation records set at both Fresno and Bakersfield, with 0.76" at 0.92" recorded respectively.
Flooding occurred in parts of Bakersfield and 4 deaths were attributed indirectly to the heavy rain southeast of Bakersfield.

2003: On this date both in 2003 and 2008 were the only times a thunderstorm has been recorded on Christmas Day in Las Vegas, NV.

2003: A strong storm hit the region with the following rainfall amounts: 8.58" at Lytle Creek, 5.79" at Devore, 5.59" at Santiago Peak, 5.40" at Forest Falls, and 3.94" at Volcan Mountain.
0.35" to 2.5" fell at lower elevations.
15 died in mudslides and debris flows in areas burned by wildfires during the previous October:
13 in a church camp in Waterman Canyon north of San Bernardino and two in a campground in Devore.

2000: Santa Ana winds blew on this day and ended on 12.26.
Gusts of 87 mph were measured at Fremont Canyon.
Damage and injuries occurred in Mira Loma and in Orange County.

1988: A week of subfreezing temperatures hit Southern California starting on 12.24 and ending on 12.30.
Five died as a result of the cold.

1987: Christmas cold snap, Fresno set a record low of 20° F.
Widespread damage to citrus crops.

1987: A cold snap descended on the region. It was 9° F at Mt. Laguna and 22° F in Valley Center on this day.
On 12.26 it was 15° F in Julian and Mt. Laguna, 16° F in Campo, 22° F in Poway, 26° F in El Cajon, 30° F in Del Mar, and 37° F in San Diego.
Extensive damage to avocado and citrus crops resulted.

1971: A series of wet storms hit the region during this week starting on 12.22 and ending on 12.28. 19.44" fell in Lake Arrowhead, 15.26" in Lytle Creek, 12.31" in Big Bear Lake, 7.49" in Palomar Mountain, 5.45" in San Bernardino, 4.98" in Santa Ana, 3.92" in Redlands, 3.04" in Riverside, 2.28" in San Diego, 1.24" in Palm Springs, and 1.02" in Victorville.
Extensive street flooding occurred across the region.
This day marked the start of seven consecutive days (the most on record) of measurable precipitation in Victorville, which ended on 12.28.
This also occurred on 2.18-24.2005, 1.13-19.1993, and 2.14-20.1980.

1971: 40.2" of snow fell at Portola, with 14.9" of snow being reported at Reno, NV.

1965: 27" of snow fell at Tahoe City (west shore Lake Tahoe).

1953: It was 23° F F in Palm Springs, the lowest temperature on record for December, and the third lowest on record.

1945: 19" of snow fell at Glenbrook, NV (east shore Lake Tahoe).

1940: 4.02" of rain fell in Palm Springs, the greatest daily amount on record for December, and the second greatest daily amount on record (greatest: 4.57" on 1.23.1943).

1932: Record for highest barometric pressure ever at Fresno tied, 30.64" (also set on February 1, 1916 and December 9, 1978).

1924: Santa Rosa set its all time-record low of 9° F.

1921: A succession of heavy storms from 12.17 to 12.27 produced a total of 29.38" at Mt. Wilson (only 1.48" had fallen there since 5.23). 30.64" fell at Squirrel Inn at Lake Arrowhead.
From 12.24 to 12.26, 6.76" fell in LA.
Widespread flooding of roads, bridges, railroads, farms, etc., resulted. Lake Arrowhead rose 7 feet.
Flooded areas along the Santa Ana and San Gabriel Rivers were easily seen from atop Mt. Wilson from the coast to 20 to 30 miles inland.

1918: Christmas Chill, coldest high ever in Bakersfield for any month, 32° F.

1891: A period of very cold weather started on 12.23 and ended on 12.30.
San Diego pools had ice 0.5" thick on the surface and ice 1" thick formed on oranges on trees in Mission Valley.

1861: Epic floods resulted, called the "Noachian Deluge of California", when it rained 30 days in succession, beginning on 12.23.1861 and ending on 1.23.1862, or later.
35" of rain fell in LA. In San Diego over seven inches fell in January alone.
The Santa Ana River in Anaheim ran four feet deep and spread in an unbroken sheet of water to the Coyote Hills, three miles beyond the banks (in present-day Fullerton).
The mouth of the LA River shifted from Venice to Wilmington.
20 died in Orange County.
The worst flooding to date in San Diego County occurred after six weeks of rain.
All of Mission Valley was underwater and Old Town was evacuated.
The tide backed its waters into the San Diego River and cut a new channel into the bay.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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