Sunday, July 1, 2018

[californiadisasters] Yolo and Lake County Fires

There are two major fires right now, the #PawneeFire in Lake County, and the #CountyFire, in Yolo County.  Yesterday the wind hit the Pawnee and it went nuts.  Starting with a hundred-acre slopover of lines, it headed out for the Double Eagle Ranch area and I don't know how big that portion is now, but they're back to evacuations and full attack mode.

The County fire in Yolo is mere miles from the Cache Creek Casino (like 10, I THINK--not certain) and started yesterday afternoon.  It didn't mess around.  They had both VLATS on it for a while and then Pawnee blew up and took those away and all hell broke loose.  It's now well over 8,000 acres and running still, to the point that we were getting reports of a fire glow visible from several points in the North Valley (Oroville-Bangor etc) area.  So I took a run around and this is what I posted when I got back:

#CountyFire , Yolo County, 8000+ Acres IS VISIBLE FROM THE NORTH VALLEY. The direction is southwest, and the glow is remarkably intense. In some areas, you can even see the flaring as it tops the ridges.

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a local fire, so please take this into account when reporting potential blazes here. :) By all means, remain alert and do report anything new, just be aware that there's a glow down over there in the southwest that isn't new.

12:47am Sunday July 1, 2018


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