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Re: [californiadisasters] Exclusive Photos: House, Car Torched in Fatal Lightning Storm

Thanks, Linda, for sharing that! Fascinating tale and wise counsel provided.

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 7:56 PM, Linda [californiadisasters] <> wrote:

In 1981 I was driving to work along a small mountain road in the Santa Cruz mountains.  As I neared the summit, there was a blinding flash of light simultaneous with a massive, crackling boom. It sounded like a thousand pound slice of bacon sizzling on top of my car.  Intense heat poured in through the driver's side window.  I was going about 30 mph.. and I suddenly couldn't see or hear anything.  All I could do is slow down steadily to a stop in the middle of my lane and wait... hoping that the road would stay under me until I reached a stop, and that any cars behind me would see me before they plowed into me.

I had to sit there for a full five minutes before my sight returned.. my hearing was still muffled, and it took weeks before my ears would stop ringing.

When I finally could see, I pulled to the shoulder and got out.  there was a black starburst on the driver's side door of my '68 VW bug.  I had apparently been hit by lightning.

I was very lucky as the car acted like a faraday cage and channeled the charge around me, instead of through me.  I did have first and second degree burns on the left side of my face, but not too bad. I looked a little like Richard Dryfus in Close Encounters of the Third kind after he had an alien flyby... 50/50 bar.

I wouldn't recommend the experience to anyone. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and families of yesterday's killer lightening storm.

We can't remind people enough that lightning is not to be taken lightly... when notice a storm, take precautions. Put down the golf club. Get inside. Get off the beach or out of the field. Lightning can kill, and it can also maim and permanently disable people, even if it doesn't kill them. 

I really hate lightning. No, really... I do.
Redhart in Tehachapi



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