Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[californiadisasters] Scanner chat

It's only money?  :-P

Scanners used to be a write off for me, but now it's just my 'happy noise' I run for background (beats elevator music).  It's also nice to know what your neighbors are up to (or that you're living in the wrong neighborhood?); why the cops went screaming past your house and more.  Scanning for weather related events is possible too (warning: the alarms always sound off AT FULL VOLUME, so don't put it next to your bed).  If I'm REALLY bored, I'll listen to the cops (who NEVER seem to shut up).

There are cheaper scanners, but you'd have to run the audio into the mic connector of the computer, then Bluetooth it to your headset.  If you are computer savvy, you could even leave the scanner at home and link to it via the Internet (or listen to online scanners that are already available).  So there are a few ways you get get what you wanted depending on your budget and ability.  If you need to be quiet about what you listen to, use the BT earpiece or just play it loud and proud.  Worst case scenario, wear a portable scanner on your belt with an ear piece and earn nerd points!

If you're in the market, be aware that all channels (except most Ham) are now narrow band FM (NFM) which allows more channels in a given spectrum (they're smaller).  The new scanner models know this and have adapted.  This means that some (older) scanners will round off the frequencies, plus you'll need to turn the volume UP more (they're quieter because they are filling half the space the scanner expects).


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