Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Re: [californiadisasters] Highwater Incident - Wildfire - LACo. - Granada Hills

Yeah.  What we *need* is remote earbud scanner feeds....main unit sits in your office and you just listen all day with one ear... :)

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Yeah, you know that feeling when you hear a flood of fire trucks go by, but can't step outside to see what's going on.    Or when the same thing happens and you start seeing the gutter in front of your building swell with water- you know something nearby is getting a lot of water.    This morning's fire reminded me a bit of the Porter Ranch (Sesnon) fire of 2008.    Was stuck at work while my parent's had to evacuate three miles up the street.   Just goes to show these fires and winds can happen any month of the year these days.


Posted by: Pamela Alley <rnrq@att.net>

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