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it's all good 

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I apologize for the previous e-mail. I hit replay on the wrong e-mail.
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Thank you so much for all of your help Rick. I'm very very appreciative, I hope you know!!

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Try ebay...
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Radio Shack never sells at any discount and most of the corporate stores are gone.  They take a little off the MSRP (which is generally stupid high) and were never a place for 'deals' (except when they relabeled a product to their brand name).  Try Amazon where MUCH better deals can be had (sometimes).  Like any market you're not used to, take the time to understand what you want and explore the market to learn what constitutes a deal.  Many dealers are happier to sell 200 units per month at a 5% markup than 5 units at a 12% so if they can, they'll discount.

What I am using now (Uniden BCD536HP and BDC436HP, their top models, spendy at $600/400) are relatively new to the market which keeps them from being discounted much and will be cheaper when the next best version comes out. (They have ALL the features I need for home and travel.)  There are other sources as well such as Ham Radio Outlet (, Scanner World and more.  Figure out what you NEED, what changes are coming (systems are alive, evolving), then what your budget can manage, in that order.

Watch estate and garage sales if you don't need a lot of features in a scanner, then pick up an used one.  TEST it before purchase, see that it powers up, scans and makes appropriate noise (squelch or radio traffic) before buying.  Haggle a LOT!  Include antennas, wall warts, battery packs...  you know the drill.  They want it gone, but can't give it away.

Sound carries well in my house.  What happens downstairs carries to the loft well (vaulted ceiling, the bedroom is quiet) so I have one scanner downstairs, enough to be heard there, another in the loft which also allows audio in the bedroom without either one blasting, each run at low level.  The point is; you may not need to wire each room.  There may be other options as well (run the audio into a computer and rebroadcast the audio across your LAN to devices placed strategically; use Bluetooth speakers...).  Think outside the box.

When I travel, it gives me early warning to accidents or severe weather (road closures, I can reroute) or when to slow down (cops are CLOSE!!!)  If I'm in a place like Yellowstone, I listen to the Rangers (LE too, they forget folks can listen in on their digital traffic, HIGHLY amusing).  So when a 'bear jam, bison jam' or similar happens, I know where the critters are and can go to (or avoid) that location.  VERY helpful now as a wildlife photographer, a good tool for the toolbox.

One time there, because of the scanner, I jumped in on a medical aid call (asthma attack) because I was qualified to help, I was already there and the closest unit was 20 minutes out (good resolution).  Now, I'm not qualified for nuttin' and prefer it that way.  :o)  But I'll still listen.


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With Radio Shack in deep doo-doo, getting new scanners in person may be a lot harder than it used to be... :(
I'd love to pick up a good basic desk unit to put in the house and wire speakers to; a little speaker in every room with a switch would be awesome in fire season!  (Not to mention one in the barn.)


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