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Re: [californiadisasters] Photos of 'horrific firestorm' raging through fores...

Winds were first blowing from south to north.   Then it switch Saturday night from North to south.   Then Sunday it switched to the opposite, and then back to north to south.   Finally Monday, it switched from south to north and also to the east.   This pushed the fire away from Santa Clarita.    Very erratic.   My three years biking in Santa Clarita confirms this.  Winds go in all directions in that valley during the summer. 
And here in Northridge, I get an enhanced Santa Ana due to a low dip in the Santa Susana Mountains which allows the winds to funnel down and pick up speed.   It only applies to areas west of the 405 and east of Tampa.  Usually doesn't make it any further south than Nordhoff.

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Which direction are your winds from? Maybe your at a higher altitude or because of the topography but just a few miles from you, here in Reseda, we haven't had any appreciable winds since before the incident began.


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Good link.   I've been watching this fire since it first broke out and it's proven to be extremely erratic.   It's grown and moved in all directions, burned itself out in spots, only to re-ignite at those same spots again.  The wind has shifted what seems like a hundred times.   We've felt like we've dodged a bullet one hour, only to be looking at the same area blowing up again.   My boss had his car packed as a pre-caution, but thankfully the fire is staying out of the San Fernando Valley.   Last night traffic on the 5 and the 14 was a parking lot, with people driving in the wrong direction to get off.   Today, I am looking out my window and the smoke plume is going higher up... meaning the winds aren't as strong this afternoon.  But we thought the same thing yesterday and then it blew up again.    Rail traffic is also haulted.

Jason in Northridge


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