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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (December 16)

2008: A snowstorm of a magnitude that hasn't occurred since 1979 descended on the mountains and high deserts from 12.15 to 12.18.
Impressive snow totals include 54" at Big Bear, almost 36" at Wrightwood, 20" at Pinon Hills, and 16" at Hesperia, Idyllwild and Julian.

2002: A winter storm brought severe weather, gusty winds, heavy rains and higher elevation snow as it impacted the region.
Two separate tornadoes touched down near Merced.
One had a path of 1¼ miles and was rated a F1.
It lifted a roof a house and caused light damage to other structures.
In the southern San Joaquin Valley, strong gusty winds of up to 105 mph blew 3 trucks off the Grapevine near Lebec.
Power was lost in nearly all of Taft.

1988: A strong Pacific storm brought 2" of rain in six hours during the early morning at Mt. Wilson and a storm total of more than 3.5".

1987: A potpourri of weather from a winter storm in Kern County that was described as the worst storm to hit Kern County since December 1977.
Up to 36" of snow fell at Tehachapi and 28" fell at Frazier Park.
Even the deserts were not spared from the snow as up to 18" fell at Mojave and 11" was measured at Randsburg.
60 people were stranded in vehicles in the Tehachapis.
Wheeler Ridge had a gust of 100 mph from the southeast.
5-6 foot waves were reported on Lake Isabella.
One person was killed by a fallen tree knocked down by gusty winds.
Crops were damaged due to wind stripping.
Over 45,000 customers lost power in Bakersfield.

Snow fell for two minutes at Malibu Beach.
A foot of snow fell in the mountains north and east of LA.
Disneyland was closed due to the weather for only the second time in 24 years.
Other theme parks were closed.
I-5 and I-15 were closed on stretches through the mountains stranding motorists in the Southland.
Numerous accidents killed a few people.
Heavy rain hit San Diego County on this day and on 12.17. 2.01" fell in Oceanside, 2" in El Cajon and La Mesa, 1.97" in National City, 1.85" in Poway, and 1.73" in Montgomery Field.
Minor flooding occurred in Mission Valley.
24" of snow fell in Julian on 12.16 and on this day and 9" of snow fell at Mt. Laguna.
All schools were cancelled in the mountains of San Diego County.

1975: The high temperature was 39° F in Riverside, the lowest maximum temperature on record.

1967: A period of snow began on 12.13 and ended on 12.19.
The entire period of snow brought 50" to Mt. Laguna, 38" in Idyllwild,24"  to Palomar Mountain, and 12"-18" to the higher elevations.
One freezing death resulted, numerous schools and highways were closed, transportation was disrupted and there were power outages.

1965: The morning low temperature at Boca, CA (Nevada County) was -21° F.

1931: The morning low temperature at South Lake Tahoe was -5° F.

1903: Fort Ross received 3.09" of rain.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, & San Diego



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