Saturday, December 10, 2016

Re: [californiadisasters] No Building Inspectors Were in Oakland Warehouse for 30 years

Until it isn't.  Could you afford the lawsuits that will happen by a similar event?  Even by 'saving' money over the years by not following the law (permits, business licenses) one would be hard pressed to keep enough in reserve to compensate even one fatality.  Plus when that happens, the hammer will fall from the municipality.

Perhaps the answer is to require, then charge a fee for the inspection.  While this would add (potentially a lot) to the cost of any business or building use raising product costs, it can't be seen as a tax since it isn't across the board applied so the taxpayer only pays if they use the building, service or product.  That's for the lawyers and politicos to figure out; it's well beyond my pay grade.


On 12/10/2016 10:01 AM, Doug Arnold [californiadisasters] wrote:

It doesn't seem logical to operate a business, even a warehouse, without any inspections as long as you don't file for a permit. I guess I won't ever file for a permit. Then everything is ok!
Doug Arnold
Pinon Hills


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