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Re: [californiadisasters] No Building Inspectors Were in Oakland Warehouse for 30 years

Not to split hairs but it authorizes the SFM *or* its representative the right to inspect.   Fire chiefs are that rep, therefore engine companies and FM under that command. 

The usual exceptions are hospital and psych facilities, prisons, sometimes schools (in particular state schools) 

I've inspected schools and pretty much everything else. 


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In California, the Health and Safety code  states that the State Fire Marshal office enforce codes in State owned and occupied buildings, not the local fire official.   That's not to say that the local inspector can not have input.  I have offered input in state projects but the enforce is the State Fire Marshal.

Many years ago, when I used to work for a small town fire department, we used to inspect all commercial properties.  This includes warehouses, mom and pop stores.  This was many years ago and we did not charge fees for that service. 

With limited budgets, many large jurisdictions limit themselves to inspect regulated occupancies like High Rises ( required by the Callfornia State Fire Marshal) ,fire  permitted,  residental occupancies, educational, insitutuional  occupancies. Some of these many not be inspected on an annual basis due to worklaod and staffing.   Contractors have to wait one to two weeks to get their construction sites inspected at times.    Field companies get 10-20 runs/day so its hard for them to inspect what they have which maybe apartment buildings.  Homeless programs and other programs now take priority so many fire department do what they can to inspect regulated occupancies.  Mom an pop stores and places like that may not be inspected on a regular basis.  It would cost a fortune to properly staff a fire prevention bureau in a large city to inspect every building.  Without a compliant or permitted construction, they may not get word that something is going on at the warehouse.  


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