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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (February 21)

2000: Heavy rain that started on this day and ended on 2.23 caused lots of flooding and mud slides.
Roads were washed out in Hemet.
18" of snow fell in Forest Falls.
On this day a tornado hit Anaheim Hills and caused property damage.
Winds gusted to 75 mph along Highway 91.
Trees were felled at Lake Arrowhead.

2000: A wind gust of 81 mph at the Mountain Valley Airport shortly after midnight damaged a glider.
Strong winds also blew across the Mojave Desert where roofs were damaged in California City.

1990: Minden, NV, had a morning low of -1° F.

1980: Six storms that started on 2.13 hit Southern California ending on this day.
12.75" measured in LA.
30 were killed in widespread floods and mud slides.
Roads and hundreds of homes destroyed or damaged.
Post-fire flooding overwhelmed a basin below Harrison Canyon in north San Bernardino four times.
Forty homes were damaged or destroyed there.
Mission Valley was completely inundated between Friars Rd. and I-8.
Large waves hit coast during this stormy period, causing coastal flooding at Mission Beach, including water over the boardwalk and into houses.
This day marked the end of nine consecutive days (the most on record) of measurable precipitation in San Diego, Riverside and Palm Springs, which started on 2.13.
This also occurred on 2.26-3.6.1983 and 2.5-13.1978 in San Diego and 1.19-1.27.1969 in Riverside.

1977: It was 86° F at Victorville, the highest temperature on record for February.

1972: It was 77° F at Palomar Mountain, the highest temperature on record for February.
This also occurred on 2.13.1971.

1969: Heavy snow in the mountains that began on 2.20 and ended on 2.25 brought snow depths approaching the greatest depths on record.
Strong storm winds caused outages of telephone service, power, and gas.

1969: Heavy rain starting on 2.16 ended on 2.26.
Up to 30" of precipitation fell on the south slopes of Mt. San Gorgonio, 13" was recorded northwest of Mt. San Jacinto, around 10" at Banning, less than 1" in eastern Coachella Valley.
The death and destruction continued from the previous month.
21 died from flooding and mud slides all over California.
An entire family was killed in Mt. Baldy Village when a mud slide hit their home.
Extensive damage hit crops, farmland and livestock.
Creeks around Yucaipa all left their banks and substantial flooding occurred to residences and businesses.
In the upper desert farmlands became lakes and more than 100 homes along the Mojave River were damaged.
Roads and bridges recently repaired from previous month's damage either washed out or were destroyed again.

1956: 15" of snow fell at Glenbrook, NV (east shore Lake Tahoe).

1953: It was 24° in Palm Springs, the lowest temperature on record for February.
This also occurred on 2.15.1942.

1944: A heavy storm struck San Bernardino County.
Several snow slides, some 50 to 60 feet high, obliterated parts of the Rim of the World Highway.
Minor flooding problems around Lytle Creek.
A few bridges were washed out around Victorville.

1943: Heavy rainstorms hit the San Bernardino Mountains and Inland Empire starting on this day until 2.24.
For the stormy period Lake Arrowhead received 13.36 inches and Perris 4.87".
Damage was light because of recent work done on flood channels.

1917: Livermore received 1" of rain.

1917: 32" of snow fell at Tahoe City.

1914: Heavy, flooding rains in the northern Inland Empire began on 1.18 and continued on and off until this day.
Colton was flooded and isolated.
Orchards, highways and railroads damaged all over the northern Inland Empire.
One was killed.

1891: A prolonged storm dropped 33" of rain in Descanso within a 60 hour period from 2.19 to 2.23.
2.56" fell in San Diego.
There were heavy damages and losses to homes, land, livestock, transportation and power throughout the Tijuana and San Diego River Basins.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego


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