Saturday, February 11, 2017

Re: [californiadisasters] Lake Oroville overflows into emergency spillway

Except that it was (a) never supposed to happen; (b) they didn't even walk the spillway and (d) test the concrete or the spillway in any fashion for potential problems and (d) they said in several times and places that they didn't expect the emergency spillway to be needed in this event.  Uh, lessee, 180k CFS input; we can only push 85k CFS out through the power station and the spillway...  Yeah sure that math is good; we're fine.

Most of us knew last November that this was shaping up to be an extraordinary precip year; wouldn't it make sense to be sure everything was in order?

Honesty would have been better than the fertilizer they've been spreading.  Say goodby to a few million salmon at the hatchery downstream too (no filter for the water, too small to release; the mud will kill them).  Not a big deal?  Google 'corner stone species' and you'll see salmon on that list; they die, we die.

Questions NO one is asking is "How did the concrete get undercut in the first place?"  Was it a washout underneath?  If so, (a) why wasn't it noticed on inspection ("From a distance away"); (b) why wasn't it addressed in a timely manner BEFORE that spillway was needed (SOMEONE knew) and (c) what will you do to fix this before the storms next week?

It was the optimist that fell off the high rise that was heard to say on the way down "So far so good!"  Which sounds a lot like the DWR and CA politics.



PS I see job openings coming up too, right after the flogging and worse happens; heads SHOULD roll on this one.

On 2/11/2017 9:06 PM, Pamela Alley [californiadisasters] wrote:
It's actually going pretty well at the moment....


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