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I work for Split Rock Studios, an exhibit design/build firm in St. Paul, MN. We're working with Chico State's Gateway Science Center to develop exhibits for their new Foothills exhibit and outdoor garden. Part of the exhibits will focus on the role of fire in foothills ecosystems, and we're hoping to find a series of photos to illustrate that concept. 

We'll be using photographs in an interactive where visitors spin a graphic from one photograph to the next, making it look like motion is happening. As a result, we're looking for images that are taken from roughly the same spot. The images we need:
  • Fire burning; a couple photos taken from the same spot of a prescribed burn
  • Plants starting to regrow; again, ideally a couple photos taken from the same spot that show maybe burned ground and then grass shoots poking through?
  • Full (or close) regrowth; again, photos of the same spot showing either continued growth of plants or something like grasses blowing in the wind.  
One of the members of the GSM team, Jennifer Jewell, recommended that we speak with the Butte County Fire Safe Council to source these photos. I'm not sure I've described what we're looking for very well, so please let me know if you think you might be able to help with this project or have any questions. 

Thank you!
Margaret Lee


Margaret Lee, PhD
Exhibit Developer
Split Rock Studios



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