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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (January 7)

2016: A strong, low latitude jet stream brought a series of storms through Southern
Californiastarting on 1/5and ending on this day.
Three-day rainfall totals were around 2"-7" for the coast, valley and foothill areas, and
one to 3" for the deserts.
After several years of drought, this was the only precipitation event of significance during an otherwise disappointing strong El NiƱo season.
The mountains received a wide range of snow amounts, ranging from 6"-30", most of which fell above 5000 feet.
The highest amounts were in the San Bernardino and Riverside County Mountains, with 20"-30" in several locations.
Strong thunderstorm winds damaged eight buildings and downed power lines in Vista.
A building roof collapsed in Miramar and also at a horse stable in Bonsall.
Many trees in Sabre Springs were snapped, some as thick as 18".
A tree in Poway fell on a car.
Widespread flooding resulted from heavy rain, with southwestern San Diego County being hardest hit.
Floods buried cars in Ocean Beach and Mission Valley.
High water rescues occurred on this day around San Diego.
Small mudslides, including boulders on highways were reported near Ramona, Redlands, Crestline, Orange, Rancho San Diego and De Luz.
Three debris flows occurred in Silverado Canyon below a burn scar.
Pea size hail fell in Orange County, Carlsbad and Poway.
An airplane was struck by lightning on approach to San Diego airport on the morning of this day.
A waterspout was observed off the coast at Cardiff on 1/6.
A funnel cloud was sighted by several people in south San Clemente on this day.
One house was damaged, but mostlikely from a wet microburst.

2012: Offshore winds began this day and ended on 1/8.
Gusts reached82 mph at Fremont Canyon, 74 mph in Crestline, 66 mph at Santiago Peak, and 60 mph at Ontario.
Trees and power lines went down.
Big rigs were overturned.

Offshore winds started on 1.5 and continued peaking each morning until 1.8.
Winds gusted to 84 mph at Fremont Canyon, 64 mph at Rancho Cucamonga, 63 mph at El Cariso, 62 mph at Rialto and 55 mph at Ontario.
Downed power poles, tree limbs resulted. Trees fell on to homes and cars in Lake Arrowhead.

2005: A strong pacific storm brought gusty winds to the Monterey Coast, including a 60 mph gust at Point Piedras Blancas.

2005: Strong southeast pre-frontal winds, with gusts between 40 and 50 mph in the Valley, knocked down trees and powerlines causing over $325,000 in damages to property, with most of the damages in Merced, Fresno, Clovis and Visalia.
Near Arvin wind gusts were estimated at 75 mph and power poles were knocked down.
In Fresno, a gust of 46 mph was recorded while Bakersfield logged a 49 mph gust.

2005: Five consecutive days of heavy rainfall started on this day and ended on 1.11.
The wet weather was blamed on the "Madden-Julian Oscillation", also known as the "Pineapple Connection"..
30" of rainfall over the five days deluged Lytle Creek.
4"-10" fell at lower elevations.
Widespread catastrophic floods impacted nearly every community.
This followed heavy storms in late December and earlier in January.

2003: Very widespread Santa Ana winds blew on 1.6 and ended on this day.
A gust of 100 mph was measured at Fremont Canyon, 90 mph in Ontario, 80 mph in Upland, 72 mph in Trabuco Canyon, 70 mph in Riverside, 58 mph at Miramar.
Two died and 11 were injured.
Widespread property damage resulted, as well as road closures, power outages, downed trees, wildfires and crop damage.

Thunderstorms produced wind gusts around 50 mph toppling trees in Merced and Madera as well as blowing the roof of a shed in Academy.
Crops in Fresno and Madera Counties were damaged by pea sized hail.

1993: A very wet series of storms that began on 1.6 and ended on 1.18 produced 20 to 50 inches of precipitation in the mountains and up to 12" at lower elevations over a two week period.
It was one of the longest periods of consecutive days of rain on record (13) and measurable rain fell nearly every day from 1.2 to 1.19.
Flooding and flash flooding, mud slides, etc., resulted.

1992: A storm that started on 1.5 and ended on this day brought 1"-2" of rainfall to the lower elevations.
6"-20" of snow fell in the mountains and 2"-8" fell in the foothills and high desert floors.
Flooding and mud slides resulted.

1988: Although bad weather had plagued the Northern California coast and severely cut into the Dungeness crab catch, two Redding retailers who sell the crustaceans said their supplies hadn't been hurt.
The bad weather forced north coast fishing boats to stay in during more than half the days of the current crab season, fishermen said.

Offshore winds peaked at 100 mph at Rialto and 90 mph at Laguna Peak (Venture Co.).
Winds topped 60 mph near Mt. Laguna and up to 27 mph at San Diego.
Three tractor trailer rigs overturned on I-8 at Buckman Springs Road, killing two.
Another overturned rig in Ontario resulted in another death.
Other accidents around Pomona occurred due to wind. Minor damage occurred in Santee.

1955: Las Vegasj, NV, officially received 1.5" of snow, with higher amounts over the western foothills.

The coldest weather on record gripped San Diego County on 1.6 and on this day.
In San Diego the morning low temperature on 1.6 was a record low 28° F and the high temperature was an all-time record low maximum of 45° F.
On this day the low temperature was 25° F, the lowest temperature on record.
Other low temperatures on this day were 4° F in Campo, 9° F in Cuyamaca, 13° F in Alpine, 15° F in Julian and Lakeside, 20° F in El Cajon, 22° F in Lemon Grove, 24° F in La Mesa, and 26° F in Chula Vista.
It was a killing freeze all over San Diego County and many crops and fruit were lost.
Water pipes were frozen, trolley lines were disrupted and fishing nets were made unusable.
There was ice skating in a San Diego fountain on ice 0.75" thick.

1937: Boca, NV, had a morning low of -39° F.

1890: Reno, NV, reported a morning low of -18° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego and the Redding Record-Searchlight



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