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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (January 12)

2013: A cold and dry air mass produced a significant freeze in all areas away from the coast on this day and 1/13.
Low temperatures dropped to the 30
° F's near the coast, 20° F's inland and in the low deserts, and the low teens in the high desert, which caused some water pipe damage.
A frigid 8
° F was recorded at Big Bear City-Shea Meadows.

2009: Santa Ana Winds and a strong ridge of high pressure brought unseasonably warm weather to the region.
The low temperature in Santa Ana only dropped to 73° F (a record for January).
This reading is 26° F warmer than the average low temperature and 3° F warmer than the average high termperature for the city.

Napa County Airport reported a high temperature of 80
° F.

3" of snow fell in Yucaipa.
1" fell in Highland and Redlands.
Trace amounts of snow fell as low as 500 feet in elevation in the Inland Empire.

2001: Dense fog (in the Yuma, AZ, area) reduced the visibility to less than a quarter mile, and briefly to near zero.
Yuma International Airport was shut down for a time due to the fog.

2000: A funnel cloud was observed 12 miles west of Mission Beach.

1997: A storm that started on this day and ended on 1.13 gave the coastal areas and valleys one to 3" inches of rainfall.
Snow continued in the mountains and as of 1..15, 18" of snow had fallen at Mt. Laguna.
Generally 18" to three feet of snow was reported above 2500 feet.
The ski resort at Snow Valley remained open until 5.18, the latest in its 78 year history.
Dime size hail up to one foot deep covered a small area in Buena Park and Cypress.
13 illegal immigrants died from exposure near Pine Valley.
On this day a waterspout was reported two miles southwest of Lindbergh Field - San Diego and came ashore as a tornado at Shelter Island, causing damage to the resort.

1996: Elsinore topped out with an afternoon high temperature of 91° F, a record for January.
This is one of only three times the city has seen a 90° F reading in January since records began in 1897.

1993: Wind gust of 80 mph at Wheeler Ridge (Kern County near the Grapevine).

1993: A very wet series of storms (across SoCal) that began on 1.6 and ended on 1.18 produced 20"-50" of precipitation in the mountains and up to 12" at lower elevations over a two week period.
It was one of the longest periods of consecutive days of rain on record (13) and measurable rain fell nearly every day from 1.2 to 1.19.
Flooding and flash flooding, mud slides, etc., resulted.

1987: Waves of 6-9 feet with sets up to 12 feet hit the coast.
One suspected drowning occurred and an 11 foot boat was swamped at Channel Islands Harbor.

1985: Potent north to northeast winds blew in the Sierra.
Wind gusts reached 80 mph near the crest and numerous trees were blown down in Yosemite National Park.

1949: It was 2° F in Victorville, the third lowest temperature on record.
The lowest temperatures on record occurred a few days later: 0° F on 1.16 and -1° F on 1.17.
43" of snow fell at Palomar Mountain from 1..10 to 1.13, the greatest snowfall on record.
A strong offshore wind developed after a cold winter storm.
A 49 mph gust was observed in LA.

1930: Fresno recorded 2.5" of snow, the heaviest snowfall on record.

1911: 41" of snow fell at Tahoe City (west shore Lake Tahoe), with 30" at Glenbrook, NV (east shore Lake Tahoe).
A total of 19..7" of snow fell at Reno, NV (the second largest 1-day total ever at Reno).

1882: A cold winter storm that started on this day and ended on 1.14 brought lots of snow to the lowlands.
15" of snow fell at San Bernardino.
3 feet of snow fell in Campo over four days..
2"-5" fell in outlying San Diego, including 4" along Poway Grade,3"  at El Cajon and 1" in Poway.
Light snow fell in Del Mar.
Snow flakes fell, but did not stick at San Diego Lindbergh Field.
Birds and livestock were killed and telegraph lines were knocked down.
2.49" of precipitation fell in San Diego on this day, the tenth wettest calendar day on record and the second wettest January day.
This day was also remarkable in that low temperature records were set for both the minimum and maximum temperatures.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Phoenix, & San Diego



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