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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (January 8)

2012: Offshore winds began on 1/7 and ended on this day.
Gusts reached 82 mph at Fremont Canyon, 74 mph in Crestline, 66 mph at Santiago Peak,
and 60 mph at Ontario.
Trees and power lines went down.
Big rigs were overturned.

Offshore winds started on 1.5 and continued peaking each morning until this day.
Winds gusted to 84 mph at Fremont Canyon, 64 mph at Rancho Cucamonga, 63 mph at El Cariso, 62 mph at Rialto and 55 mph at Ontario.
Downed power poles, tree limbs resulted.
Trees fell on to homes and cars in Lake Arrowhead.

2005: 10.5" of snow fell at Reno, NV.

2005: Five consecutive days of heavy rainfall started on 1.7 and ended on 1.11.
The wet weather was blamed on the "Madden-Julian Oscillation", also known as the "Pineapple Connection".
30" of rainfall over the five days deluged Lytle Creek.
4"-10" fell at lower elevations.
Widespread catastrophic floods impacted nearly every community.
This followed heavy storms in late December and earlier in January.

1998: Heavy rain that started on this day and ended on 1.10 brought 2" of rainfall, causing floods and mud slides in Del Dios (near Escondido).

A very wet series of storms that began on 1.6 and ended on 1.18 produced 20"-50" of precipitation in the mountains and up to 12" at lower elevations over a two week period.
It was one of the longest periods of consecutive days of rain on record (13) and measurable rain fell nearly every day from 1.2 to 1.19.
Flooding and flash flooding, mud slides, etc., resulted.

1975: Destructive wind storm hit the Kern deserts, with a 108 mph gust reported in Ridgecrest.
Two mobile homes were destroyed, five others were knocked off their foundations, wrecked 3 tied-down aircraft, uprooted trees and blew down power lines.

1947: Coldest high ever in Bakersfield in the month of January, 36° F.

1937: The morning low at Boca (near Truckee), was -40° F, and at Truckee it was -26° F.
The low temperature of -50° F at San Jacinto is still the all-time record low temperature for Nevada.

1937: The coldest high temperature ever in Las Vegas is set at 28° F.

1937: Ben Lomond had a high of only 34° F -- a record!

1913: Death Valley National Park recorded a low of 15° F.
This was the coldest reading ever recorded in Death Valley.

1890: All-time record low temperature for Reno, NV, of -19° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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