Wednesday, June 27, 2018

[californiadisasters] North Ops News & Notes Update (6/27/2018-7AM)

Last updated: June 27, 2018 7:07

News and Notes
06/27/2018 0700 CA-LNU Pawnee Fire: 13,500 acres grass, oak woodland, 25% contained. There is a threat to critical infrastructure, including the Indian Valley Reservoir hydroelectric power plant, fiber optic, and 115kV powerlines. Threat continues to the community of Double Eagle. Twelve residence and 10 outbuilding destroyed. Incident is being managed under unified command.
06/27/2018 0700 CA-TGU Lane Fire: 3,829 acres grass, brush, 65% contained.
06/27/2018 0700 CA-SHU Creek Fire: 1,475 acres grass, oak woodland, 65% contained. Continued structure threat with evacuations for the communities of Happy Valley and Igo within the fire perimeter. Repopulation to the affected community is continuing. Four residences have been destroyed as well as 7 outbuildings.
06/27/2018 0700 CA-TGU Stoll Fire: 268 acres grass, brush, 90% contained. Four residences, 10 commercial buildings and 10 outbuildings destroyed. Six commercial building damaged.



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