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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (June 28)

2013: A heat wave on the order of a 20 year event enveloped the west and Southern California from this day to 6/30.
Death Valley hit the highest U.S. June temperature ever recorded: 129° F on 6/30.
Palm Springs and Thermal reached 122
° F, which tied or set new June records and came within one degree of the all-time highest temperature on record on this day.
Also on 6/29 in Borrego Springs it was 120° F, two degrees off the highest all-time.

A heavy thunderstorm produced 1.25" of rain in 15 minutes at Loma Tova, just south of the border east of Tecate.
Visibility was reduced to near zero in heavy rain along Interstate 8.
Lightning started a fire in the center divide.

2006: Truckee recorded 1.3" of precipitation.

2003: A severe thunderstorm dropped walnut size (1.5" diameter) hail 4 miles northeast of Crane Flat in Yosemite National Park.

1994: China Lake topped out at 117° F, establishing a new all-time high for June.

1994: A major heatwave in the deserts reached a peak on this day with temperatures from 117° F to 120° F over the deserts of Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial Counties.
Thermal reached 120° F, while Palm Springs, Borrego Springs, and Indio all hit 117° F.

1994: A severe thunderstorm produced golf ball-sized hail and strong winds in Boulder City, NV.
The all-time state record high for Nevada is also set in Laughlin, NV, at 125 degrees.

1976: Hottest ever in Bakersfield in June, 114° F.

1952: Fort Ross received 1.47" of rain.

A thunderstorm dropped 1.25" of rain in the afternoon in downtown Las Vegas, NV, starting around 2:30 PM at the rain gauge of Charles "Pop" Squires.
Two to three feet of water crossed the Tonopah Highway (Highway 95) about 24 miles outside of Las Vegas..
Telephone lines were downed to Mount Charleston and North Las Vegas.

1925: Warmest low ever in June in Bakersfield first recorded, 84° F (also set on June 25, 1961).

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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