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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (August 30)

2012: Thunderstorms erupted in the mountains above Cathedral City.
Major flash flooding in Cathedral City included 1'-2' of rapidly moving water, closing several
Water forced mud and debris into several businesses in town, causing significant damage.
A thunderstorm produced 1.53" in one hour at March AFB in Riverside.
Flash flooding in Moreno Valley went into a few homes.
A rescue was needed to save a stranded motorist.
Several roads and freeways were closed because of water and/or mud.

A large and severe thunderstorm produced flash flooding and severe hail in the San Jacinto Mountains.
Flash floods up to three feet deep carried rocks and mud and covered many roads in Idyllwild-Fern Valley.
The storm dropped hailstones in size from marbles to walnuts (1.5" in diameter).
Hail injured two during an already progressing search and rescue operation at Suicide Rock.
These are the only documented injuries resulting from direct hail impact in California history.
Also, a helicopter made an emergency landing.
Another thunderstorm produced a minor flash flood in Forest Falls.

2007: Latest in the season Fresno has ever had a low temperature of 80° F or better, low temperature for the day was 81° F.

1998: Strong thunderstorms developed each day starting on 8.29 and ending on 8.31.
1.5" of rain fell at Apple Valley, 0.77" fell in only 45 minutes at Wrightwood, and 0.68" fell in only 30 minutes at Forest Falls.
Homes and roads were flooded with four to six feet of water in Hesperia and Apple Valley.
Rock slides occurred in Mill Creek.
Roads were flooded in Sugarloaf and Forest Falls.
Flash flooding was also recorded in Hemet.
Severe thunderstorm wind gusts of 86 mph hit Sage (south of Hemet).
Gusts of 50 mph were recorded at Rialto and gusts of 45 mph hit San Marcos.
Trees and power lines were downed.
Record heat occurred near the coast as well on these same days.
Temperatures hit 112° F in Yorba Linda, 110° F in Hemet and Riverside, and over 100° F in most of Orange County.
It was 114° F in Dulzura on 8.29.

1998: The high temperature at Hawthorne, NV was 102° F.

1972: Hurricane Hyacinth moved as far west as 125 West before recurving to the northeast.
The remnants made landfall between Los Angeles and San Diego on 9.3 with winds of 25 mph and rainfall of up to one inch in the mountains from 8.29 to 9.6.
This tropical cyclone holds the distinction of traveling the farthest west before recurving and making landfall in Southern California.
This occurred during the El NiƱo of 1972-73.
Only 0.44" was measured in San Diego.

1972: A cloud burst associated with Tropical Storm Gwen off the coast of southern California dropped 0.99" of rain falling 14 miles southwest of Coalinga in the Bear Canyon Jupiter area resulting in flash flooding.

1968: Palo Alto had a high temperature of 101° F -- a record for the month.

1967: Hurricane Katrina crossed the southern tip of Baja California, then traversed almost the entire length of the Gulf of California before making landfall again and rapidly weakening.
More than two inches of rain fell on this day and on 8.31.
2" fell at La Quinta and the city was cut off for several hours.
150 homes were damaged by floods in Palm Desert and Indian Wells.
Numerous roads were washed out in the Coachella Valley.
The Fort Irwin road north of Barstow was flooded, isolating the army base on this day.

1967: A seven foot wall of water unleashed by thunderstorms swept down the Armargosa River
washing away trailers, automobiles and houses as well as drowning horses.

1966: The low temperature in Fresno plunged to 49° F, setting an all-time record low for the month of August.
This is also the earliest in the season Fresno has seen a low temperature in the 40's.

1957: It was 52° F in Palm Springs, the lowest temperature on record for August.
This also occurred on 8.27.1954.

1909: A heavy thunderstorm in the San Bernardino Mountains produced flood waters that damaged businesses in San Bernardino.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego



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