Thursday, August 28, 2014

[californiadisasters] Re: Southwest U. S. may face 'megadrought' this century

That is interesting.   Even the ancient Romans knew that one could not have urban development without a reliable supply of pure water and a system of sanitation disposal.  To this day some of the aquaducts built during the reign of Claudius are carrying water. 

California and the Southwest have always taken great pride in development and being the "fastest growing".  It appears that we are now facing the downside of this immense growth.  The needs of the population are exceeding the available natural resources to support them.  The states will be forced to halt the building of new industries that use water and halt residential development. 

As to energy use, it seems people are focusing on eliminating smaller uses of energy and keeping major energy uses such as air conditioning, major appliances etc.  We may see they day that new air conditioners are banned. 

Whatever the US does to reduce energy use and greenhouse gasses is minor when compared with the huge increases in China and India:
Global coal 'binge' missed in data

Looking at the map I noted that Mexico will be harder hit than many areas in the US.  This could tend to accelerate the growth of illegal immigration and produce significant demographic and cultural shifts.


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