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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (July 12)

2008: A gustnado (a spinning column of air on the leading edge of a thunderstorm's gust front) caused some property damage in Adelanto.

1999: Heavy thunderstorms hit the mountains and deserts each day starting on 7.11 and ending on 7.13.
Rainfall rates included 1.65" in less than 30 minutes at Lake Henshaw, 1.57" in 20 minutes at Big Bear City, 1.4" in 30 minutes at Sugarloaf, 1.6" in 85 minutes at Forest Falls, 1" in one hour at Pine Cove, 1" in 25 minutes at Shelter Valley.
1" per hour rain rate occurred at Phelan.
2 were killed and dozens were injured.
6 homes were destroyed and many more were damaged.
A 20 ft. high wall of water moving at 45 mph moved 70-ton boulders at Forest Falls.
Buildings washed away at Jenks Lake.
Disastrous flooding and mud slides occurred at Oak Glen, Big Bear City, and Apple Valley.
Flooding hit the Yucca Valley area, Beaumont area and Palm Springs.
Roadways were closed due to flash flooding.
On this day a tornado hit 6 miles east of Julian in Shelter Valley, although recorded wind speeds nearby were 43 mph.
Building and structure damage occurred, trees were uprooted and knocked over.
On this day 0.98" of rain fell in Victorville, the greatest daily amount on record for July.

1992: Remnants of Hurricane Darby unleashed heavy rains over the Sierra Nevada and nearby foothills.
2"-3" of rain fell on a burn area above Oakhurst which resulted in flooding along the main road in town.
Cars, homes and businesses were damaged, with 2 ft. of water reported in some homes.

1990: Woodfords (Alpine Co.) recorded 1.41" of precipitation.

1968: The minimum temperature was 90° F in Borrego Springs, the highest minimum temperature on record.
This also occurred on 7.11.2002.

1957: A heavy thunderstorm struck Redlands at 2:35 pm with one inch of rainfall in 30 minutes.
Lightning, hail and "winds, which blew alternately from every point of the compass" accompanied the storm.
Within 10 minutes streets were flooded in Redlands.
One girl drowned while swept nearly a mile down a storm drain.
Just after 3 pm the sun was out and streets were dry.

1954: Heavy thunderstorms struck the Morongo Basin.
Flash floods hit Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms.
Numerous roads were severely damaged and closed.
Some roads were left covered in sand and mud.

1917: The high temperature at Susanville was 102° F.

1913: The low temperature in Saint Helena was a warm 84° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, & San Diego



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