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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (October 21)

2007: Very strong Santa Ana winds developed on this day and continued through 10.23.
A gust of 85 mph was recorded at Fremont Canyon, 79 mph at San Bernardino, 75 mph at Descanso and Mira Loma, 74 mph at Fallbrook and Rancho Cucamonga.
Some locations experienced tropical storm force winds (or greater) for more than 36
consecutive hours.
Winds caused at least $60 million in damage and destruction to buildings, fences, vehicles, etc.
The devastating wildfires of 2007 were fanned by these winds.
These fires caused one million Californians to evacuate, the largest mass evacuation in California history.

2004: A waterspout was spotted two miles southwest of North Island (San Diego).

1985: 5.5" of snow fell at Bridgeport.

1962: Last week's big storm cut a violent path through one of the late William Randolph Hearst's private playgrounds on the McCloud River.
Wind toppled a huge pine tree that smashed a hole 10-feet wide in the roof of the mansion's main hall.
Stones from a chimney crumbled through the library floor.
Employees had not yet completed an estimate of the damage.

1957: Widespread thunderstorms developed across SoCal on 10.20 on this day.
Hail drifted to 18" deep in East LA.
Waterspouts were sighted off Point Mugu and Oceanside.
In Santa Maria 1.13" of rain fell in just 2 hours.

High winds blew down numerous trees, broke some windows and tore down a large tent for
a craft show in Las Vegas.
McCarran Airport reported a 71 mph peak wind gust.

1953: Gusty winds blew in the central San Joaquin Valley causing minor structural damage.
Fresno's highest sustained wind was 31 mph.

1949: It was 34° F in Santa Ana, the lowest temperature on record for October.
This also occurred on 10.12.1924 and 10.31.1935.

1942: The low temperature at Ben Lomond was just 72° F.

1905: The morning low temperature at Lovelock, NV was 10° F.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego and the Redding Record-Searchlight



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