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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (October 14)

2015: Unseasonable high pressure and warm ocean waters led to very warm October days
and the warmest October nights on record from this day through 10/15.
In San Diego, five out of the six highest October minimum temperatures on record occurred.
The highest minimum temperature in any October was 76° on this day and again on 10/13.
This is only two degrees off the highest minimum temperature for any time of year!
(Onlyseven nights in history recorded 77° or 78°, all of which occurred during September, meaning these October nights were warmer than any night in July or August in San Diego).
On this day the highest minimum temperature in October was also recorded in Chula Vista (73°, only three degrees off all-time highest), Oceanside Harbor (74°, only two degrees off all-time
highest), and El Cajon (tied 69°).
On 10/13 Santa Ana recorded 78°, the highest October minimum temperature on record.
The top six warmest October nights on the Chula Vista record occurred this month, and the top five in El Cajon occurred this month.

Santa Ana wind gusts measured 87 mph in central Orange County and contributed to a large fire.

1989: A F1 tornado tore the roof off a home and tossed around several cars in Henderson, NV.

1980: A funnel cloud was sighted 7 miles south of Lemoore Naval Air Station.

1978: It was 92° F in Palomar Mountain, the highest temperature on record for October.
1978: Fresno had its latest 100° F day on record.

1962: Mount Diablo had received a record 10.01" of rain over the previous three days.

1962: Boca, CA (just east of Truckee), recorded 2.77" of precipitation.

1961: Hot Santa Ana winds drove the temperature to 110° F in Long Beach, the hottest in the nation, 107° F in San Diego (the highest on record for October), 105° F in LA, and over 100° F in many coastal and inland locations.
It was 88° F at San Nicolas Island.

1960: The morning low temperature at Reno, NV was 18° F.

1957: An early season storm brought daily record rainfall to Southern California.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, & San Diego



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