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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (February 7)

2013: A cold winter storm dropped over a foot of snow at higher elevations in the San 
Bernardino Mountains on this day and on 2/8. 
10-"12" was reported from Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs, and up to 10" in the Laguna Mountains. 
Snow accumulated as low as 2000 feet elevation, including 1"-3" of snow in Yucaipa and Beaumont. 

2009: Three waterspouts were reported eight miles south of San Pedro. 
Another waterspout was spotted about 20 miles west of Encinitas.

 A 38 vehicle pile-up occurred on Highway 99 near Earlimart shortly after sunrise (in fog), killing one person and injuring 6 others.

2006: Santa Ana winds flared up on 2.6 and on this day and led to the Sierra Fire east of Orange. 
It burned nearly 11,000 acres and caused eight minor injuries.

2003: Gusty winds of up to 60 mph blew over a trailer being towed and a gravel truck overturning at the base of the Tehachapis.

2001: Over a week of heavy snow that started on 2.6 and ended on 2.14 continued on this day. 
The snowfall was called "most in a decade." 
60" fell at Blue Jay and Mountain High, 24" at Snow Summit, and 5"-12" at Apple Valley. 
The roof of an ice rink caved in at Blue Jay. 
On this day wind gusts reached 50 mph at Palm Springs and Thermal and 54 mph at Fish Creek Mountains.

 El Niño got in gear. Heavy rain that started on 2.6 and ended on 2.9 brought up to 3" of rainfall to Southern California
Catastrophic and widespread flooding resulted, especially in Newport Beach and Irvine. 
Lots of property damage occurred in southern Orange County. 
Evacuations and swift water rescues were needed. 
Landslides, mud slides, and sink holes occurred. 
Roads, bridges, and railroads were damaged.

1998: In the Bay Area, 3/4" inch hail was reported near Gilroy. 
A waterspout moved inland near Half Moon Bay as a Weak tornado ripping up some trees. 

 A strong storm brought heavy rain to the mountains north of LA. 
Mud slides resulted in the Old Topanga area, which burned the previous fall. 
A tornado touched down from Newport Beach to Tustin, causing roof and window damage and blowing trees down.

1993: Heavy rain that started on this day and ended on 2.10 brought 1"-5" of rainfall near the coast, up to 10" of precipitation to the mountains and 0.5"-1.5" in the deserts. 
8"-18" of snow fell in the mountains. 
Widespread flooding occurred.

1992: A series of many intense storms started on 2.5 and ended on 2.16. 
The storms brought a total of 20"+ of precipitation to the mountains and eight to16"+ to lower elevations. 
Two were killed in an avalanche at Mt. Baldy. 
Flash flooding, mud slides, and road closures also occurred.

1991: Dense fog resulted in a 74 vehicle pile-up on Highway 99 in Fresno County resulting in three deaths and 31 injuries. 
In another area of Fresno County, a truck drove onto railroad tracks and was struck by a train, resulting in one death.

1989: 1989: All-time February record low temperature of 16° F was recorded in Las Vegas, NV, and -16° F at Reno, NV.
Carson City, NV, had an all-time record low of –22° F. 
South Lake Tahoe had a morning low of -29° F.

1989: Snow fell across the region from the beaches in LA to the desert in Palm Springs. 
It started on this day and ended on 2.9. 
15" fell in the mountains and 3" fell at Palmdale. 
Major road closures and numerous traffic accidents resulted.

1987: Santa Ana winds hit San Diego County on 2.6 and on this day. 
Gusts reached 75 mph at Cuyamaca and Palomar Mountain areas. 
Gusts to 60 mph hit Brown Field and Warner Springs, 40 mph in Julian and Valley Center. 
35 mph gusts hit San Diego. 
A plane flipped over at Brown Field. 
Winds forced a sailboat into the rocks at Pt. Loma. 
I-8 was closed for two hours in eastern San Diego County. 
Trees, power lines and fences were downed, causing damage and power outages. 
A highway sign fell on cars.

1976: Strong storm winds hit 64 mph at Palmdale.

1937: 4.19" of rain fell in Santa Ana, the third greatest daily amount on record. 
2.9" of rain fell in San Diego beginning on 2.6 and ending on this day, the greatest 24-hour amount for February on record. 
2.6" fell in 12 hours. 2.88" fell in Riverside on this day, the greatest daily amount for February and the third greatest on record. 
For the storm, 8.2" fell in Descanso, and 5.7" fell in Escondido. 4.25" fell in Long Beach, a 24 hour record. 
Flooding killed many. 
The LA basin flooded in many communities. 
Hodges Dam overtopped. 
Mountain snowmelt added to the flooding.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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