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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (February 5)

2009: A strong cold front produced heavy rain across Southern California starting on this day until 2/10/2009. 
2" fell near the coast and up to 6" fell in the foothills. 
On this day flash flooding occurred near La Habra Heights. 
One foot of water flooded Highway 60 near the Hacienda exit.

 Dense fog with visibility at zero led to two separate pile-ups on Highway 99 both near Selma. 
The larger pile-up involved a total of 63 cars and trucks with 24 vehicles involved in the second pile-up. 
A total of three people died and over 30 were injured.

1992: A series of many intense storms across Southern California started on this day and ended on 2.16. 
The storms brought a total of more than 20" of precipitation to the mountains and eight to more than 16" to lower elevations. 
Two were killed in an avalanche at Mt. Baldy. 
Flash flooding, mud slides, and road closures also occurred.

1989: The morning low at Reno, NV, was -10° F.

1980: This was the start of nine consecutive days (the most on record) of measurable precipitation in San Diego, which ended on 2.13. 
This also occurred on 2.26-3.6.1983 and 2.13-21.1980.

1976: San Jose picked up 1/2" of snow -- its all-time record.

1976: A cold upper level low located off the coast of California produced heavy snow from the 5th through the 7th across most of Inyo and Esmeralda Counties.
Bishop measured 21.0" which made this the biggest snowstorm on record in February and the second biggest snowstorm on record for any month of the year.
Other totals in California included 17.5" at Deep Springs College and 12" at Haiwee.
In Nevada storm totals included 32" at Silver Peak, 27" at Dyer and 19" at Goldfield.

1976: Strong storm winds hit 64 mph at Palmdale.

1969: A waterspout was observed off the coast of San Diego.

1948: Steady rain and mountain snow hit Southern California after a long dry spell. 
San Bernardino recorded 2.14" from this storm. 
Only 5.75" had been recorded before this storm in the previous year.

1937: A Southern California winter storm that started on 2/4/1937 and ended 2/7/1937 dropped over 10" at Cuyamaca, 8.2" in Descanso, and 5.7" in Escondido. 
On 2/6/1937 and 2/7/1937, 4.25" fell in Long Beach, a 24-hr record. 
Flooding kills several. 
LA basin was flooded in many communities. 
Hodges Dam overtopped. 
Mountain snowmelt added to the flooding.

1921: A dust storm affects Yuma, AZ, for most of the afternoon and evening hours. 
The sun was obscured for hours according to residents.

1905: Heavy rains from 2.4 to 2.6 caused the San Diego River to run for the first time in six years. 
4.23" fell in San Diego in 43 hours.

1901: 10.1" of snow fell at Reno, NV.

1889: The coldest day in February at Fresno: 24° F (also on 4 other days: February 6th and 7th, 1899; February 13, 1949 and February 15, 1990).

1887: San Francisco received its biggest snowfall ever. 3.7" were officially recorded. 
On the same date in 1976 San Jose picked up 1/2" of snow -- its all-time record.  

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego



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