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[Geology2] Volcano News 05.21.2015

Turrialba Volcano evacuation zone expanded following increased activity

1 day ago

Screenshot from video of Turrialba Volcano erupting on May 10, 2015.

(Courtesy OVSICORI)

Due to the frequent explosions at Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica's National Emergency Commission (CNE) has expanded the evacuation zone surrounding the volcano from 2 kilometers to 5 kilometers.

The zone, which designates restricted access, is expected to be kept in place at least a week while volcanologists determine whether or not to permanently evacuate the area.

The decision to expand the evacuation zone was due, in part, to the presence of three schools within 5 kilometers of the volcano, according to the CNE.

Turrialba Volcano began showing increasing signs of activity last October, and in the last several months the colossus has erupted nearly every week.

On Monday, when the evacuation order was handed down, Turrialba erupted five times in the early morning, delaying flights. It continued to spew gas and ash into the afternoon.

Volcanologists expect that the eruptions will get more frequent and more violent in the coming months, and the CNE has maintained a yellow alert in the area.


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