Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[californiadisasters] North Ops News & Notes Update (6/28/16-7:25PM)

News and Notes
06/28/2016 1925 CA-LNU Reservoir Fire: 215 acres, 100% contained. 06/28/2016 1920 CA-AEU Rancho Fire: 350 acres, 0% contained. Fire is location: Hwy 104, west of Ione. Forward rate of spread stopped. 06/28/2016 1741 CA-NEU Trail Fire: 100 acres, 0% contained. Evacuations in progress and structures threatened. Fire has spread onto the El Dorado National Forest. 06/28/2016 1638 CA-PNF Nelson Fire: 10 acres, 0% contained, 11 miles NE of Forbestown east of Lake Oroville. Moderate rate of spread with short range spotting. 06/28/2016 1637 CA-NEU Trail Fire: 5 acres, 0% contained. Fire is in the Middle fork of the American River canyon. Multiple spots on the El dorado County side of the canyon. Short range spotting, structures threatened. 06/28/2016 0700 CA-LNU Reservoir Fire: 215 acres, 60% contained.



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