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[californiadisasters] Re: Erskine Incident - Kern Co. - Lake Isabella

Today the fire burned slowly back to the west as it did yesterday and as with yesterday the fire was under a smokey inversion much of the day. The burn totals have increased to 43,460 acres with 40% containment, 250 structures destroyed and 75 damaged, two confirmed fatalities and a possible third one being investigated. The Red Flag Warnings have expired. A citizen flew a drone over the fire area today forcing a brief shut-down of the air show.

  • 36,810 Acres, 10% Contained
  • Evacuation orders still in place
  • Approximately 200 structures are destroyed and 75 damaged
  • Continued threat to life and properties including the communities of Mountain Mesa, South Lake, Lakeland Estates, and Bull Center. 
  • Road closures are in effect for portions of Highway 178
  • The fire is expected to remain active well into the evening
  • Commitment of Forest Service air and ground resources
Source: South Ops

On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 12:36 PM, Kim Noyes <> wrote:
The Erskine Fire has grown to 35,711 acres consumed, while yesterday's meager containment of 5% has dropped this morning to 0%. A total of about 150 homes were destroyed with 1,500 more homes threatened. The two fatalities were an elderly couple. Winds are shifting and the fire is starting to move more towards this west today which is a matter of concern. Red Flag Warnings continue today for the fire area.

Erskine, CA-CND-001415, Vegetation Fire, Kern County, Update
Erskine Creek Rd x Apollo Way
Unified command with BLM, USFS, and Kern County Fire

  • 35,711 Acres, 0% Contained
  • CA IMT Type 1 Team 5 (Minton) in command
  • Mandatory evacuations in progress
  • Current evacuation centers are at capacity
  • Continued threat to life and properties in surrounding areas.
  • Multiple structures destroyed.
  • Commitment of forest service air and ground resources

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On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 4:28 PM, Kim Noyes <> wrote:
This fire has killed two local residents who were overrun during the initial attack or extended attack phase of the fire. The fire is now running again this afternoon and forcing the evacuation of Kern Valley Hospital and is burning into the Weldon area and has jumped Kelso Valley Road both up by Weldon as well as has burned out all the way towards Kelso Valley itself. More structures have been lost this afternoon including in the Kelso Valley area.

On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 11:10 AM, Kim Noyes <> wrote:
Late yesterday afternoon an explosive wildfire broke out on the south side of Lake Isabella and exploded across 19,000 acres in 18 hours destroying as many as 100 structures and threatening 1,500 additional structures. Three firefighters were injured from smoke inhalation. The fire area is under Red Flag Warnings today so fire growth is expected to be significant. This is the priority fire in California now with no-divert orders on aircraft yesterday as eminent life hazard existed on the initial and extended attack phases of this now project fire.

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