Saturday, June 25, 2016

Re: [californiadisasters] News Crew Nearly Escapes Flames of Erskine Fire

i'm confused,

1 yes news crews can go where they want, even in the middle of the fire if they choose, but if its not safe for fire crews the news crews are on there own,

2 if this crew knew they were going to be there and do that, where is all of there fire gear, news crews that normally photograph fires, photographers that do fires all carry the same clothing the fire crews do, and that's why they use those really big lenses so they can stay out of harms way

3 if i were their boss, they would be canned, not because they put them selves in danger, but damaging a news van packed with expensive equipment

just my 2 cents worth, been there done that out on the line

On 6/25/2016 3:08 PM, Pamela Alley [californiadisasters] wrote:
I suppose it COULD be an autocorrect or voice-typing thing... 'Narrowly' and 'Nearly' can sound a bit alike...

But I'm still chuckling a bit.


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The title is miss leading like they did not make it out.


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