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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (September 8)

2015: Subtropical moisture from remnants of Hurricane Linda brought thunderstorms to most of the region on 9/7 and on this day.
Thunderstorms on this
day developed over the mountains and spread into the Inland Empire and OrangeCounty, as well as near I-15 in San Diego County.
Hail was mostly nickel
-sized, but a few larger.
A s
mall dust storm hit Riverside and downed several trees and power poles.

2014: Weakening Hurricane Norbert brought moisture to produce thunderstorms mainly in Riverside and San Diego Counties.
Rainfall amounts of
1"-2" fell over the city of Riverside, San Bernardino and Hemet, while the mountains in that county saw up to 0.60" near Sky Valley.
Early morning thunderstorms on this day drenched parts of the Coachella Valleywhich received
a 0.33" up to just over 3" near the lower foothills in Thousand Palms and La Quinta.
Widespread flash flooding, most notably in the Coachella Valley, occurred on this day.
Mud and water closed roads and stranded vehicles in La Quinta, Palm Desert, and Thousand Palms.
Homes in La Quinta were surrounded by water.
Moving water was 3' deep on roads and 4'-5' of standing water submerged vehicles.
Mud was several feet deep on Varner Road.

A thunderstorm produced a 80 mph gust at the Henderson Executive Airport (NV) forcing tower personnel to briefly evacuate
the airport tower.

A trace of rain fell in Fresno.
This is the only day during the month of September that Fresno has never recorded any measurable rain.

1986: Thunderstorms with heavy rain moved from Blythe, CA, to Prescott, AZ, producing flooding in Ehrenburg, AZ.
5 mobile homes were washed away.
Several roads were either flooded or closed during the evening across La Paz County.

1984: A tropical air mass lasting two weeks and high sea surface temperatures led to record minimum temperature records set each day except one at San Diego starting on 9.4 and ending on 9.19.
Low temperatures ranged from 73° F to the highest minimum of all time of 78° F on 9.9 and 9.17.
The high was 100° F on this day.
Poor air quality and high humidity caused numerous health problems.

1939: A thunderstorm dropped 2.7" of rain on Needles.
This was the first in a series of storms to hit Needles with 8.5" this month, almost double the entire seasonal average.
Flash floods and debris flows washed through city streets and washed out railroads and highways.
Several residences and a few businesses were damaged.

Source: NWS Hanford, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego



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