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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (March 14)

2015: Strong high pressure and Santa Ana conditions boosted temperatures into the 90s across
the coast and valleys from 3/13 through 3/16, and cooling only into the 60s at night.
Numerous daily high maximum and daily high minimum records were set.
On 3/13 the warmest reading of 96° in Santa Ana was reached.
Highest minimum temperatures were 68° in Santa Ana and San Diego on 3/15.

During a period that started on 3.13 and ended on this day, numerous waterspouts occurred between Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Catalina Island.
Funnel clouds were observed in Phelan and Hesperia.

1994: The high temperature at Reno, NV, was 80° F.

1971: A thunderstorm brought 1.11" of rain to San Bernardino in a short time, flooding streets, but not causing flooding damage.
Lightning strikes caused power outages.

1967: A series of storms brought heavy rain starting on 3.11 and ending on this day.
Total precipitation was 8.52" in Lake Arrowhead and 8.06" in Lytle Creek.
Only about one inch fell in the San Bernardino area during this time, and none in Victorville.
The Mojave River flooded a couple of roads and washed out construction sites in the desert.
Heavy snow fell in the higher mountains, up to two feet in Big Bear Lake.
But only one inch at Lake Arrowhead and Idyllwild.

1963: Buildings were damaged in Dinuba by strong winds.

1952: Mount Hamilton picked up 2.53" of rain.

1952: 13.6" of snow fell at Reno, NV.

1951: Pismo Beach established an all-time record high for the month March with 88° F.

1941: A heavy storm hit the San Gabriel Mountains and Mojave Desert from 3.12 to this day.
Victorville received 1.78".
The Mojave River flooded homes in the Oro Grande Wash.
In Wrightwood three houses were destroyed from a mudslide in Heath Canyon.
Mud and debris six feet deep covered Lone Pine Road.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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