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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (March 28)

2006: Two tornadoes in Merced within 24 minutes of each other.
The first touched down and tour the roof off a farm maintenance shop and was rated an F0.
A second F0 tornado in Merced caused minimal damage and lasted for 2/10 of a mile on the ground.
Another F0 tornado hit on the same day west of Atwater causing roof damage and tossing farm equipment.

The coldest storm during this El NiƱo year started on this day and ended on 3.29.
One to three feet of snow fell above 5000 feet, 4"-8" of snow fell above 3000 feet.
Ice pellets and hail accumulated to 1" deep in some coastal and foothill areas.
Considerable damage to crops was incurred.
Serious traffic accidents resulted.
On this day a funnel cloud was observed in Dulzura.
Strong storm winds in Orange County were sustained at 30 to 40 mph.
Gusts reached 70 mph at Newport Beach and 60 mph at Huntington Beach.
Gusts to 60 mph were common in the mountains.
Trees were down, power was out, and damage occurred across Orange and San Diego Counties.
One illegal immigrant died in Jamul.

1998: A cold storm brought snow flurries to Summerlin, NV, and North Las Vegas, NV.
2.5" of snow fell at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park in Nevada.

1998: An F0 tornado touched down at the Chowchilla airport.
Two belt loaders were moved 25 feet.
In Tulare County, some 1250 acres of plum orchards saw fruit damage from small hail totaling $5 million.

1997: A thunderstorm produced a microburst in Lake Elsinore that uprooted a tree and caused extensive roof damage.

1993: Funnel clouds were observed starting on 3.26 and ending on this day.
Two were seen near Temecula and one was observed in Moreno Valley.

1982: An F1 tornado touched down near Selma moving a trailer 50 feet and destroying an old shed.
Hail, up to golf ball size, fell and covered the ground from 1 mile south of Fresno to Kingsburg.
In parts of Selma, hail was as deep as 4" and rooftops and yards remained covered in hail the next morning.
Farms were hard hit as the hail damaged and stripped crops, scarred fruit on trees and stripped buds off others.
The hail damage compounded with a late-season frost on April 7th the same year resulted in $122.2 million in crop damage in Fresno County.

1979: A massive, wet storm produced record daily rainfall in most locations in Southern California.

1975: The high temperature at Reno, NV, was only 38° F.

1964: Four tsunami waves rolled into Crescent City, CA, overnight as a result of a M9.2 earthquake off the coast of Alaska last night.
12 people and 100 injured in the fourth and final wave which had a maximum run-up of about 20 feet.
60 blocks of town were inundated with half of them destroyed and 289 buildings. Over 1000 cars were destroyed along with 25 fishing vessels.

1964: A M9.2 earthquake hit Alaska, sending a tsunami to all of California.
In San Diego a two-foot maximum amplitude was measured and a 6.4 foot rise was observed in 10 minutes.
Minor damage resulted.

1946:  24" of snow fell at Tahoe City west shore Lake Tahoe)

1903: Fort Ross received 4.31" of rain.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, & San Diego and Kimmer's Disaster Lexicon



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