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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (March 2)

2015: A series of thunderstorms dropped up to 1" depth accumulation of 0.5" diameter hail on Huntington Beach. 
The hail covered the beach near Huntington Beach Pier and numerous roads within the city of Huntington Beach. 
A funnel cloud was observed over Perris. 
Two waterspouts were observed west of Redondo Beach.

2008: Peak wind gust measured at 46 mph at the airport in Yuma, AZ. 
Winds also damaged a roof of a bank building at 16th Street and 4th Avenue in downtown Yuma. 

A funnel cloud was observed over Corona.

1992: A series of storms that began on 3.1 and ended on 3.7 brought 1"-4" of rainfall and local flooding.

1987: An F0 tornado touched down in southeast Fresno, damaging a shed.

1985: Snow fell briefly in Escondido. 
Ice pellets fell in Poway, Coronado, La Mesa, and Escondido, with hail in Linda Vista and downtown San Diego. 
Strong storm winds struck San Diego County. 
Trees and antennas were toppled, causing numerous power outages.

1983: A series of El Niño storms battered Southern California, which began on 3.1 and ended on 3.3. 
Rain measured up to 18" from Santa Barbara to LA. 
2.68" of rain fell on this day in Victorville and 2.46" fell in Borrego Springs. 
Both represent the greatest daily amount on record for March and the second greatest daily amount on record. 
Waves of 15 to 20 feet hit the coast around LA on this day and on 3.3.

1981: A storm that began on 3.1 and ended on 3.3 dumped 3" of rain along the coast and 5"-6" in the local mountains. 
Widespread street flooding, mud slides, and power outages resulted.

1976: A storm that started on this day and ended on 3.4 brought 20" of snowfall to Running Springs.

1971: Paso Robles hit an overnight low of 20° and Santa Maria hit 24° F, both monthly record low temperatures. 

1971: The morning low temperature at South Lake Tahoe was -10° F, its all-time record low temperature for March.

1970: A strong storm hit the region on 3.1 and on this day. 
5.22" fell in Lytle Creek, 3.12" in Lake Arrowhead, 2.6" in Redlands, 1.87" in San Bernardino, 1.79" in Riverside, 1.66" in Palm Springs, and 1.35" in Santa Ana. 
One died in floodwaters in Chino. 
Extensive flooding occurred all over the northern Inland Empire.

1964: Fresno had sustained northwest winds of 41 mph.

1962: 24" of snow fell at Truckee, with 18" of snow being reported at Glenbrook (east shore Lake Tahoe).

1953: Redwood City reported a low of 29° F. 

1953: It snowed 3" in Victorville, the greatest daily snowfall on record for March.

1953: Fresno dipped to 26° F, a record low for March (tied on March 3, 1966). 
Nearly all of the buds were killed on fig trees in some districts with areas north of Clovis hardest hit.

1939: It was 14° F in Victorville, the lowest temperature on record for March
This also occurred on 3.2.1958.

1939: A March record low of 19° F was logged in Las Vegas, NV.
This is also the latest in the season a low in the teens has been recorded.

1938: Storms of tropical origin that started on 2.27 ended on 3.4. 
One was killed by lightning in Corona. 
11.06" of rain fell at LA. 
More than 30" fell at several mountain stations of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains (32.2" at 8,300 feet elev.). 
More than 22" fell in the Santa Ana River headwaters. 
Considerable snow was melted, adding to the runoff. 
This led to unprecedented flood control efforts, including a network of dams and canals and concrete channels. 
For the storm 210 were reported dead or missing in flooding across Southern California, 45 in Orange County, of which 43 perished in Mexican-American Atwood from an eight-foot wall of water. 
Hundreds were injured. 
The Santa Ana River flooded, inundating nearly all of northern Orange County. 
Catastrophic damage hit more than 1,500 residences. 
400 cabins and buildings were washed away in and around San Antonio Canyon. 
The Whitewater River flooded, isolating Palm Springs. 
On this day LA received 5.88", the wettest day since records began.

1879: Strong winds drove a fire out of control in Reno, NV. 
Fifty acres of businesses were destroyed.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Phoenix, Las Vegas, & San Diego



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