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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (March 25)

1998: A band of quasi-stationary thunderstorms deluged Merced with 3"-6" of rain in a 12 to 18 hour period.
One gauge in the northern part of the city of Merced had 6.8" in a 48 hour period from late in the 23rd to the 25th.
The Merced Airport recorded 3.25" of rain alone on the 24th.
Bear Creek reached a crest of 19.3 feet on the morning of the 25th, resulting in the 1,000 people being evacuated.
A total of 65 homes and 19 apartments were flooded.
Damages totaled $9.6 million to property with agriculture suffering a $1.5 million loss.
1998: Just when you thought El NiƱo was slowing down, another storm battered San Clemente with 3.5" of rain in four hours causing flooding.
1994: A winter storm on the 24th-25th dropped 13" of new snow on Frazier Park.
1993: Heavy rain that started on this day and ended on 3.26 brought local flooding, mud, debris, and road closures in Orange County.
1992: Thunderstorms dropped pea size hail in Fresno and parts of Madera County in large enough quantities that it accumulated to as much as a 0.5" thick on some surfaces allowing for some people to even make "hailmen" and "hailballs".
1991: 13" of snow fell at Sierraville (Sierra Co.).
1990: A waterspout was observed off the coast of Oceanside.
1988: Santa Ana weather brought 90° F+ temperatures all over the region starting on this day and ending on 3.27.
It was 102° F in Santee on 3.25, 97° F throughout the San Diego Valleys all three days, 90° F in San Diego on 3.26.
Several brush fires resulted.
On this day it was 98° F in Santa Ana, the highest temperature on record for March.
1975: A wind gust of 101 mph was recorded at Sandberg, a California record.
The one minute average was 77 mph.
1973: It was -3° F in Big Bear Lake, the latest date in the season with a temperature below zero.

1952: San Francisco had a high of 83° F.

1930: San Luis Obispo reached 90° F, setting a new record high for the month.
1928: Extensive flooding forced evacuations in Reno, NV, and the surrounding Truckee Meadows.
1906: A heavy storm that started on 3.24 ended on this day.
Storm totals included 6.41" in Oceanside, 6.3" in Escondido, and 2.78" in San Diego.
Widespread flooding occurred in Fallbrook.
Streets flooded and roads washed out all over the San Diego metro area. 
 Source: NWS Hanford, Reno, San Francisco/Monterey, & San Diego



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