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[californiadisasters] On This Date In California Weather History (April 23)

2005: Winds associated with thunderstorms damaged roofs and carports.
Power was knocked out in parts of the Yuma Foothills area (Arizona).
Small hail was also reported with these thunderstorms.

Gusty winds blew in the Kern County deserts in association with a mountain wave.
Wind gusts of 98 mph were recorded at the Mojave Airport and 69 mph at Inyokern.

1988: An intense winter-like storm brought heavy rain and thunderstorms that began on 4.19 ended on this day.
4.15" of rain fell in 24 hours at Mt. Wilson and 1.75" fell at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on this day.
On this day nine girls at Tustin were injured (burned and thrown to the ground) when lightning struck the tree under which their softball team had taken shelter from the rain.
Over the rainy period, flooding, mud slides and numerous traffic accidents occurred around LA.
26 were injured in a major collision.
Three straight Dodgers baseball games were rained out.
Only 12 rainouts had occurred in the previous 26 years.

1964: A tornado was reported at Stead Air Force Base north of Reno, NV.

1961: 19" of snow fell at Tahoe City (west shore Lake Tahoe).

1946: Redwood City had a high temperature of 90° F. 

1931: 13" of snow fell at Portola, with 10.5" of snow being reported at Carson City, NV.

1910: Fresno and Bakersfield have their earliest 100° F days.

Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Phoenix & San Diego



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